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        Welcome to Weifang Behigh International Trade Co., Ltd.

        BEHIGH Group

        For global business partners: BEHIGH Group started in the food additive industry in 2008. After more than ten years of rapid development, our business grows continually and currently we could provide various food additives, animal nutrition and chemicals!

        For global business partners: to cope well with the fast business expansion,BEHIGH Group set up its China office -Weifang Behigh International Trade Co., Ltd in 2018 and Weifang Beshine International Trade Co., Ltd in 2019. Taking industrial developed China as the hinterland,we integrate the supply of China resources and the demand of global customers quickly and effectively, provides one-stop services & professional supports on technology, production, purchasing, sales, warehouse & logistics management to win together. In August 2020, Weifang Beshine International Trade Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001 certification successfully and strives to build the best quality management system!

        For global business partners: BEHIGH Group also supplies flexible agent services depending on the demand!


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